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Multi-Engine Rating in Piper Seminole

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 You can give a flight as a gift for a birthday or another occasion. Give us a call and we will arrange for a beautiful gift certificate sent to you.

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Train on Your Budget

Flight training and flying in general has never been as expensive as today. High fuel prices, certification costs, expensive parts all contribute to the rising costs of flying. However, there’s still hope. Instead of maxing out your credit cards, apply with Pilot Finance (www.pilotfinance.com). They will develop a payment plan that suits your budget and schedule.

Of course, not all pilots get approved by Pilot Finance. For cases like these, we have developed a program that allows you to train on your budget and still move towards your goal. This is how it works.

Just like with Pilot Finance, you figure out your monthly budget. We sign an agreement that you will deposit this sum into your account every month until the quoted price of the course is reached. We then determine what you can accomplish within this budget.

Let’s say you can spend $500 monthly on flight training. You can accomplish a lot for that money. You can have either two flights lessons or a flight and several ground lessons. If you don’t spend your monthly amount within the same month, it will of course accumulate and roll over to the next month, but you still have to deposit the agreed sum into your account every month. This keeps you focused and disciplined.

The minimum monthly amount we can work with is $300. There are no costs or fees to administer this program. You don’t pay any interest. We just help you organize your training and keep you on track. Of course, it might take a little longer to get your wings, but it’s better than never.  All long roads are traveled by small steps! These steps will ensure that you will definitely fly.

We all know that family and other obligations can put a demand on your flight training funds, but if you enter this program, this money is already set aside for your flight training, and nobody can repurpose these funds. You are guaranteed that you will have your lessons funded and you will proceed towards your dream. Call us today!

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Pay By Tach and Save!

There are usually two time meters in the aircraft – tachometer and the Hobbs meter. The Hobbs meter is usually activated by either the engine oil pressure in single-engine airplanes or by a Master Switch in multi-engine aircraft. In either case, the Hobbs meter measures real time when the engine is running in human terms. It measures time in tenths of an hour. If you used the engine for 1 hour and 6 minutes, it will show it as 1.1 of an hour.

There’s also a Tachometer meter per each engine. It is activated only when the corresponding engine is started. The Tachometer measures the engine run time. Unlike in cars, it measure engine time in hours, not in miles. The intricacy of a Tachometer is that it is depends on the engine speed. The faster the engine is running, the faster the time the Tachometer is measuring. That means that at idle power, the tachometer is slower than the Hobbs meter. At cruise power setting it is very close to the real time measured by the Hobbs meter.

Why does it matter to you as a pilot? Most of flight schools charge you by Hobbs. That means that when  you are taxiing or sitting at idle power waiting for take-off, you are still charged by the Hobbs meter (real human time) even though you are not doing anything productive. In our company we charge by Tachometer. That means that on average you save between 0.2 to 0.3 hour (12 to 18 minutes) per flight. At current rates charged by other companies, that translates to about $50 per flight.

We realize that sometimes Republic airport can become as busy as JFK and wait times for take-off can approach 20 minutes. So why pay for that idle time? After all the engine doesn’t burn much fuel and you are not doing anything productive.

 Fly with us, pay by tach, and save!

Round Rainbow Club

Welcome to Airborn Flight Services, the place for aviation enthusiasts. We are located at Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale, New York.

We hope you feel right at home among the like-minded people who were really born to fly. We all love flying, we can’t imagine our lives without the sky, so it is our goal to make it as safe, enjoyable, and affordable as possible. 

Even though we are a corporation, we are not here for the money, but to enable as many people to spread their wings as possible. Please feel free to browse the rest of the pages to learn what makes our approach to flying unique. You will see that our pricing policy resembles more that of a flying club. You will also see how our experienced instructors let you achieve your goals in much less time than in other schools. Upon completion of your training we still stand by you helping you acquire more confidence and experience.

What is the joy of flight if you can’t share it with someone? Join one of our fly-out trips to share the experience and build camaraderie. You can always find a flying buddy to share not only the joy of flight but also associated costs.

Flying is a life-long adventure. Start flying today and never stop! If you need more information, fill out the form below or call us at +1 718-440-0660.

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Please visit our partner Pilot Shop NYC. Everything you need to support your flight training and make your flying more pleasurable and easier.